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Fleur de sel is the purest of table salts, it's the foam that is created on the surface of the ponds of Missolonghi Greece, its flakes are collected exclusivelyby hand.

Ancient Greeks called it ANTHOS ALATIOU

This natural unrefined  sea salt is very tasty, it contains important minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium.

Ideal addition to salads, soups, pastries. 

pet jar 160g net



The natural sea salt from Missolonghi has not received any treatment except washing, it contains necessary elements for the human body,  such as potassium, calcium, magnesium. The controlled production in naturel salt pits by the sea guarantees that the quality remains in high levels. 

Afrina as it is called in Greece is born on the surface of the Messolonghi lagoon and the precious salt flakes are picked by hand.It's an exceptional fleur de sel (flower of the salt)that preserves its natural moisture.


The Messolonghi sea salt is not artificially iodized (no addition of synthetic iodine) but it contains only the natUrally contained iodine of the sea salt,  the only one recognized and absorbed by the human body.


Ingredients: pure sea salt flakes  from Messolonghi

Color: natural white

Use: as a finishing salt to to flavor and garnish food, salads, soups, potatoes, eggs.

Packaging: pet jar with silver aluminium cap suitable for food products, diameter 71x59mm

160g net

Fleur de sel - Premiun Sea Salt

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