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Bay Leaves in greek mythology

Bay Laurel- Laurus nobilis - One of the favorite myths pertaining to herbs. Apollo was teasing Cupid about his tiny arrows, and Cupid shot one of love into his heart. Daphne, a nymph was standing close watching the two gods and Cupid shot an arrow to repel into her heart. Apollo saw her and fell madly in love and thought he must have her for his own, she became frightened and started to run from him. He was too fast and started to capture her, she cried to her father the river god Peneus to please save her from Apollo, so her father, who loved her very much turned her into a Laurus nobilis tree. Apollo grabbed the tree and flung his arms around it crying, "My love, my love, I shall love you forever and evermore you shall be green. I will wear your leaves as a crown to remember you." To this day bay wreaths are used as a sign of victory and honor to poets and conquers. Bay is used in all meat dishes and soups. A leaf in your cornmeal or flour will keep the weevils away.

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