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TOH is an organic herb farm, a drying and packaging facility — a family business, born from a keen interest in nature and the multiple ways its products can improve our health.

We believe that herbs should be enjoyed in their purest form, allowing full benefit of their nutritional and therapeutic properties. We work hard and with great respect to our land, employing entirely environmentally friendly practices, in order to share with you natural dried plants that are filled with rich aroma and flavour. Drying herbs is a method that, like the herbs themselves, has been used for centuries. It makes them last longer, easier to store and never fails to yield excellent results. In order to release their full aroma try rubbing them between your fingertips!

No kitchen should be without herbs. They are a great source of flavour and fragrance and also well known for their therapeutic and nutritional value since ancient times. Both helpful and tasty, you can either use them in your recipes or enjoy a delicious and healthy herbal tea.  Proper seasoning always makes a dish better, while it also makes cooking a lot more fun! Keep in mind that they tend to do best if they’re added during cooking, so that their flavour has enough time to infuse the whole dish. Great taste takes time, it can’t be rushed!  When it comes to herbal tea, our loose leaf herbs will make the perfect cup. It’s easy to prepare, it just requires one brilliant bit of kit — a teapot. When you brew full-leaf loose tea there is plenty of room for the leaves to move freely in the water, absorb water and expand, which results in a more richly flavoured tea. You can drink it hot or cold and enjoy the herbal goodness!

We came close to earth when our father started a small vegetable garden which thrived as a result of the presence of herbs around the plot that secured its protection. As a family we put in hours every weekend on our garden and our curiosity about these special aromatic plants led us to a series of seminars. We finally decided to take advantage of our Mediterranean climate and grow high quality, organic herbs. Our plants spread across an 11.000 square meter area on a sunny hillside with an open view of mount Olympus in Chalkidiki. We chose our farmland because of its soil quality, its position near the sea and the fact that the neighbouring plots had not been fertilized. Also the mild winters, cool summers and frequent air currents from the nearby sea form the perfect microclimate for our herbs to grow naturally there.


The cultivation of high quality organic produce requires a lot of time and effort as most daily tasks are done by hand. We spent most of the winter kneeling above the plants cutting weeds but leaving their roots because they help the soil to breathe and therefore our plants to remain strong and healthy without any chemical treatments. After months of great level of care and increasing enthusiasm the long-awaited period of harvesting comes in the spring and it lasts until the beginning of autumn.  Our day to day activities include handpicking herbs at the farmland, collecting buckets full of freshly harvested produce into bunches and hanging them upside down to dry naturally in a dark and well-ventilated space. We are proud to use this traditional drying method, which is the secret behind their potency and lasting aroma, and we are always excited to observe the colour of the leaves changing gradually as they are getting fully dried. More often than not, we close each afternoon convening in the kitchen where some oil drizzled bread sprinkled with thyme is enjoyed, accompanied by a warm cup of herbal tea.


We are proud to have been awarded in Great Taste Awards, a very prestigious international blind-tasted food competition. We are delighted to have won awards for four of our products in 2015 and seven in 2017, with our Golden Peaks herbal tea blend receiving the highest distinction of three stars! That was a result of our hard work and commitment to environmentally friendly farming practices and high quality. We are grateful that are efforts were rewarded and we hope this will help us reach more Greek herb enthusiasts.


2022 Awards:


★★ mountain tea


★ golden peaks

2018 Awards:


★★★ captain’s recipe


★ sunday grill


★ farmhouse mix


2017 Awards and judges‘ comments:

★★★ golden peaks

“Looks amazing and tastes amazing! This product shows great skill. Clean and well rounded, all the ingredients present themselves well and shine. Utterly delightful. Exquisite.“


★★ oregano

“Very attractive sprigs of oregano with a dramatic menthol/eucalyptus volatile aroma release on rubbing. Chewing a little releases a wealth of peppery essential oils.“


★★ linden

“We love the honeyed aroma coming from the dry linden leaves and flowers. When poured it looks clean, crisp and fresh, we love the delicate colour. The flavour is refreshing.“


★★ distant waves

​“A glorious smelling dry product which continues with the infusion. This shows a very skilled hand, beautifully balanced.“


★ sage       

“The dried sage leaves give a beautifully coloured drink. A good example of a single ingredient tea.“


★ mountain tea           

“A very pleasant looking dry appearance, a natural golden hue with a pleasant honey note in terms of aroma, the poured appearance is clean and crisp.“


★ evening breeze               

“The blend of herbs looks fresh and brews to a pale golden yellow drink. The flavour is light and well balanced.“

2015 Awards and judges‘ comments:


★★ oregano

“A truly wonderful aroma, rich in aromatic volatiles and very characterful…the flavours are ‘true’ and nuanced and powerful.”



“Great fresh aroma and a true clean thyme flavour.”



“A clean lemony aroma, an unexpectedly clean finish.”



“Pale golden infusion with a really delightful aroma.”

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